Car Mats – Rubber Car Mats vs. Carpet Car Mats

A lot of van mats customers have been asking which material is better, rubber or carpet car mats. There are those that prefer rubber car mats while there are also those that prefer to use carpet car mats. These materials each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Rubber car mats are first, easy to clean. Dirt and dust will get accumulated in the car mat but it will not stick. Dirt can easily be removed by tapping it away but if the dirt and dust will stick when it gets soaked, it can still be removed by using a brush and soap. This makes rubber car mats an ideal choice. They are also successful in collecting debris, water and dirt while keeping it away from the car floor. On top of that, there are many styles to choose from and depending on the style that you select you can make your car interior look great. These are the reasons while rubber car mats are preferred over carpet car mats.

Carpet car mats have also their strengths. First, they look nice. People buy them for their aesthetic value. They look decent and formal and will improve the look of your car interior. Other than that, carpet car mats are hard to maintain. Carpet car mats can also keep the dirt and dust from your car floor but they usually stick to the car mat. This makes them hard to clean manually. When you clean them, you have to really wash them if not clean it by dry clean. Lastly, patches can be removed by your heels after long term use. It does not look good to use car mats with patches. Car owners have no other choice but to replace carpet car mats when they become worn-out.

These are the pros and cons of rubber and carpet car mats. Hopefully this will help you decide whether you want to go for the look or for the function. For the carpet car mat or for the rubber car mat? The choice would have to come from you.